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Telomeres are the caps at the ends of our chromosomes. They protect our genetic material much like shoelace tips prevent our laces from fraying and unraveling. Telomeres also shorten each time a cell replicates and their length is a marker of biological age. Put quite simply, people with longer telomeres live longer and healthier. Protecting, and even increasing the length of telomeres, can be attained through selective plant compounds that activate the healthy expression of the telomerase enzyme.

Freshly cut apples turn brown. Iron decays. This is the process of oxidation, and it’s occurring inside our bodies as we literally rust from the inside out over time. Our natural antioxidant system, controlled by the Antioxidant Response Element (ARE), is millions of times more powerful than supplemental antioxidants attained through diet. This internal system is comprised of three primary antioxidant enzymes that decline with age. They must be up-regulated in unison, otherwise detrimental effects can occur.


Like engine oil, radiator coolants, and transmission fluids, these three biological elements work together and must be addressed together. For example, Stem Cells are naturally protected through oxidative stress mitigation (ARE) and are also not immune to Telomere shortening . . . and telomeres stay longer if cells are defended and don’t need to replicate as often. It’s all part of a three-in-one synergistic mechanism. They need to be targeted together – not individually – with a coordinated, comprehensive strategy.

Stem Cells. Telomeres. ARE (Antioxidant Response Element). Introducing . . . StelomARE. 

StelomARE has been meticulously designed to defend and repair stem cells, normal differentiated cells, and telomeres, while also increasing the production / proliferation of the body’s powerful internal antioxidants, protective telomere enzymes, and self-renewing stem cells.

StelomARE was developed by the inventor of the world’s most prominent ARE product that has surpassed $2 BILLION in sales and is supported by over 25 peer-reviewed studies.

StelomARE is a comprehensive formulation that uses clinically-proven compounds that, when combined in a specific ratio, work synergistically to not only target ARE effectively, but also Stem Cells and Telomeres.

StelomARE activates cells to “talk” to each other, causing a powerful cascade response where trillions of cells are up-regulated to overcome age-related declines. In this way, StelomARE is less about the direct supplementation of certain compounds, and more about using specific combinations and ratios of compounds to trigger multiple genetic responses in the body that are far greater in value.

Extensively researched since 2012, but also based on 20 years of groundbreaking expertise in this area, StelomARE is the standalone dietary supplementation choice for overall healthy aging and longevity. 

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