Why API is the Most Profitable Way to Tag Your Products in Videos

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Whether you are looking to promote your products by tagging them in your own video content or through affiliate content creator accounts, interactivity is of the utmost importance. Optimize the viability of product promotion by harnessing the potential of API software! It’s watchable, clickable, and best of all—proven to be profitable. Of all the possibilities, here’s why API is your best bet:

Save Precious Time 

Manually adding product links to videos takes time, especially if you want them to be highly available throughout the duration of your content. The utilization of product feed features on established platforms is not ideal either! They can be hard to manage since the intended information isn’t served in real-time sufficiently.

Uploading a product to API software is easy, and it can proficiently promote it without taking up any more of your time. Its recognition and motion-tracking abilities make real-time marketing a breeze! Some of this software has already set up integration with platforms like Instagram and Facebook—saving you even more time and helping you get your products to the market with ease!

Ahead of the Curve Content

Artificial Intelligence is bound to take over nearly all of our industries in time, and maybe even the world if we’re not careful…*wink wink*! Since interactive video is starting to steal the spotlight when it comes to e-commerce, getting in ahead of the curve will allow you to evolve at the top of the market as it moves toward more integration and advancement!

Catch Customer Attention

Seamless product tags are not often seen on platforms—yet! Using API software will have your customers doing a double-take when the seamlessness of their experience dawns on them. For example, when they see a pulsating blue dot moving along with your product, they will revel at the notion of this motion and then gain even more interest in what you’re promoting. 

New viewers will likely find the level of interaction integrated with these tags…‘insane’. Your content can be shared straight to social media, where they’ll be able to learn more information without leaving the page, or even make a purchase with no extra effort or distraction from the creative content they are watching!

Make Clicking Convenient 

Customers can easily get distracted or lose interest in links that are hard to access or follow through on. Non-interactive promotions in videos can be boring, consequently vexing potential customers’ motivation and making it harder for them to buy…and the brand to profit. Prevent people from having to leave the previous window by ‘pyving’ your products—it’s been proven to improve the chances that they’ll complete a purchase!

Improve Intelligently

Our development of AI has dawned a new era in how we will develop further in the future…by using its technology to tell us how! You are sure to stay on top of the market when your software helps to sustain its own growth. In addition, API will allow you to grow your brand in a similar fashion by providing you with analytics on just how agreeable your approach is with your audience—Monitor your tags easily and manage them for maximum engagement!

Try out Pyvit to promote your products—Case studies show that companies profited from between a 50 and 300 percent increase in paying conversions!

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