How To Create Showstopping Shoppable Videos

How To Create Showstopping Shoppable Videos

As interactivity takes center stage in the online market, it is important to not only captivate viewers with visual content but find a way to convert that engagement into genuine sales without intruding on the user experience.

Adding product tags to videos has become a profitable way to increase both interactivity and check-out convenience for more frequent follow-through on virtually all platforms.

The most advantageous approach to tagging thus far is letting the power of AI track your products for you. Not only does this eliminate tedious steps involved in manual tags, but also allows your audience to access more info and purchase a product at any moment they are pulled to it.

Staying ahead of the competition as this approach becomes more popular means practicing additional tactics when it comes to your tags. To uplift their selling potential and transform your video content from ‘shoppable’ to ‘show stopping’, use ‘pyvs’ as your product tags and follow these five practices:

Sell from the Start — Show Viewers How To Shop

Letting users know that they can interact with your vid is just as important as its ability to let them do so. If you start off by demonstrating just how shoppable your video is, potential customers will know exactly what to do to check out a product when your content pulls them in. If the task of tracking it down seems like a chore, they will likely move on—missing out on your convenient check-out options while you or your affiliate miss out on a marketing opportunity.

Be Clear in Your Content — Include an Actionable CTA

An actionable CTA is as vital to visual content as it is in marketing copy. In order to avoid distracting from the content they crave, though, be sure to get creative with your ‘call to action’. Allow it to flow seamlessly with what you are presenting— An annoyingly salesy detour could derail them from purchasing a product they might otherwise delight in. Again, this is all about letting them know exactly how to get what you are getting at.

Narrow Your Focus —  Offer Full-Frames & Only a Few Items

Online marketing and minimalism go hand-in-hand— Having made their way into the middle of all aspects of modern culture, marrying the two can greatly add to the appeal of your content. Uncluttered content allows the minds of consumers to in turn make clear decisions. Display fewer products in greater detail, utilizing full-frame shots and simplistic backdrops, and your audience will deem each more worthy of their time, attention, and ultimately—cash. 

Compare Approaches — A/B Test Your Video Content

While your vision is surely what brings your videos to life, A/B testing is what determines if their delivery is as successful as you envision. Creating videos that have conceptual differences as well as constant variables and testing them side-by-side on the market will allow you to choose the most advantageous approach. You can also augment your chances of converting viewers into customers by applying the data you collect to future content—approaching your audience in a way that actually works.

Meet Viewer Preferences —Monitor Product Performance

Another way to steer your tags into more clickable territory is to keep an eye on your metrics and ascertain your followers’ preferences. Tailoring your video tags towards aspects of your advertising campaign that are performing well will likely uplift the products that aren’t—pulling more sales for you and your affiliates out of your shoppable content. This is where opting for ‘pyvs’ as your product tagging software becomes even more advantageous since its supplier will also supply you with detailed analytics.

Interactive marketing in videos isn’t going anywhere— In fact, statistics suggest that the demand for both visual content and an increasingly interactive shopping experience is only expected to increase over the coming years. Stay on top of the market— Ensure your shoppable videos are show-stoppers.

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