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PYVIT tech benefits

The next level of shopablility

Your videos become more watchable, more clickable, more profitable. PYVIT takes your videos to the next level of shopability. When you add a PYV (the pulsating blue dot) to an item in your video, it can instantly create more interest, more engagement, and more money.

More watchable

50 case studies with Fortune 500 companies tracked user engagement on social media and found 59% more people watched an entire video when it was PYVed! Other studies show interactive video boosts viewing time up to 47%!

More clickable

In the same case studies, 79% more people clicked through to the website when the video was PYVed! Other studies show interactive video boosts purchaser intent up to 900%.

More profitable

In the same case studies, companies experienced up to 50% to 300% increase in paying conversions using PYVed videos!

More great benefits

No-cost low-cost

It's free to use with low cost upgrades when you're ready

Easy to use

Easily upload any video and PYV any object in your video

Share everywhere

Share on social platforms and embed videos on websites

Your customers see it, tap it, and get it
Shoppable videos
Start making your videos shoppable

So easy to use PVYIT

Upload your video

Upload a video with your product in it

PYV your video

Add PYVS (blue dots and product links)

Share your video

Share on Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Pinterest, your website, and much more!

Powerful technology

Product recognition

Using our unique AI software, you can easily PYV (tag) absolutely any item in your video. Our software then recognizes the item and easily tracks it through the video.

Motion tracking

PYVs (tags) are clickable pulsating blue dots that automatically follow your products as they move across the screen. It's easy to pyv products in your videos.

Advanced analytics

Make the best decisions about your audience, content, and user engagement through detailed analytics and dashboards.

Exclusive PYVIT video software
Convert your videos into sales

With PYVIT, you can add clickable PYVs (tags) to any video you share.
Connect your buyers to your checkout page with one simple click.